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At LCS we realise how vitally important the Internet is to business, and without a fast and reliable connection you seriously restrict the opportunities to engage with modern processes. This in many cases can reduce the potential for efficiency gains, and put companies at a disadvantage against their competitors, and have a negative impact on their bottom line.

This is why LCS have teamed up with Quickline to bring high speed wireless based Internet connectivity to Grimsby, Immingham and the North East Lincolnshire area. Unlike traditional ADSL connections that have a dependency on distance from the exchange and multiple user contention ratios affecting performance and reliability, our connection remains stable and constant.

LCS are an independent company totally focused on Making IT Work and have working partnerships with BT, Virgin Media and many other organisations in order to provide best of breed advice for its customers. Our high speed wireless connections can reach locations that BT and Virgin Media cannot, and where Internet connectivity is mission critical to business, work in tandem with existing connections to give 100% dual technology failover.

At LCS we recognise that it is not just the Internet connection itself that is important but also how technology within a business is embraced in conjunction with the goals and aspirations of the organisation. We will be delighted to advise you on the many ways your business can exploit technology to improve your bottom line, whereas traditional providers the onus is on the consumer to make the right buying and deployment choices.

Contact us now to discover the potential you can unlock in your enterprise by Making IT Work.

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“Enjoying the benefits of our high speed Broadband service is completely risk free! We install the system and allow you to try the service for 30 days and if it doesn’t deliver what we say and you are not completely satisfied, then we will simply remove our equipment and not charge you a single penny.”

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