Meet the Team

  • team_glenn1

  • Glenn Thow


    After 30 years in the technology and business industry, Glenn’s excitement and passion for his work has never diluted. He works directly with both new and existing clients, keeping them up to speed on the latest news and business processes from LCS, as well as helping them to achieve their own professional goals. Always thinking with creativity, Glenn strives for innovative and practical solutions for our clients in order to produce a positive and prosperous impact.

    A keen watch collector, Glenn enjoys restoring classic Seiko watches in his spare time. But he also loves the outdoors, appreciating nature by spending time at the river bank fishing or by walking his two dogs – named Bailey and Buddy. Glenn also loves to cook, especially barbecues when the weather permits, believing he makes the best chili barbecue chicken in the world.

    Favourite film: Saving Private Ryan

    Favourite music: Roger Waters / Oasis

  • team_paul1

  • Paul Cave

    Managing Director

    As Managing Director, Paul’s work spans both the technical and administrative aspects of the business, overseeing much of the day-to-day operations at LCS. He has an astute background in IT and carries the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert qualification, as well as holding Chartered Engineer & Chartered IT Professional status.

    His responsibilities include service delivery to the LCS client base, project management and finances, alongside researching into new technologies that may benefit the company’s clients.

    Paul is a committee member of British Computer Society Humberside Branch and a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

    Paul’s love of technology also continues outside of work, as he often times his holidays to pick up upcoming gadgets before they are available in the UK. Like many others at LCS, Paul’s also an avid football fan.

    Favourite film: Back to the Future

    Favourite music: Foo Fighters

  • team_chris1

  • Chris Upcraft

    Technical Director

    Ensuring new and existing clients receive the highest quality service is part of Chris’s main role here at LCS. As technical director and with his expertise as a certified Microsoft Professional and Technology specialist, Chris often attends client sites in order to resolve IT issues. He also takes responsibility for the design and implementation of new systems, though his main goal at LCS is to create systems that go above and beyond customer expectations, guaranteeing they are using technology to its fullest.

    His love for technology doesn’t just stop after work though, as Chris is a keen computer user and will often create and mix his own music in his spare time, perhaps using his favourite genre of music as inspiration. Interestingly, when Chris was just a toddler he took apart and then reconstructed many of his colourful plastic toys.

    Favourite film: Hitman

    Favourite music: Drum & Bass

  • team_davidh1

  • David Hollingworth

    Creative Consultant

    A whizz at web design and creating graphics, David’s role at LCS enables him to work on various in-house projects and tasks. His degree in creative and interactive design has given him an ideal start for producing websites, priding himself on his innate ability to turn mundane statistics into aesthetically pleasing visuals.

    During his leisure time, David has a vast love for music and often plays acoustic or bass guitar. He also enjoys PC gaming – particularly Bethesda games – and will occasionally take some time out to stargaze or learn about our larger-than-life world with astronomy.

    Favourite film: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

    Favourite music: Muse / Don Broco

  • team_diane1

  • Diane White

    Customer Account Manager

    With her main line of work in direct relation to our clients, Diane is responsible for all business consultancy on many large-scale LCS projects, from sales to co-ordination. Her dynamic role also enables her to manage many of our new and existing client accounts, while specialising in the business software Sage.

    Diane’s interests outside of work include swimming – particularly early rises in the morning to squeeze in some lengths – and attending the gym. She would love to travel the world and explore different cultures, though Diane will never forget the moment she met and was serenaded by Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard in Ibiza.

    Favourite film: Die Hard

    Favourite music: Indie / Rock

  • team_kerry1

  • Kerry Hale


    Kerry is responsible for producing the daily financial reports at LCS, alongside handling the company’s budget, credit control and payroll. With her communication skills a considerable strength, she enjoys building relationships with clients and suppliers.

    As a family-orientated individual, Kerry spends most of her free time walking through the countryside with her two dogs, Bailey and Buddy. She loves to live a quiet life and will often grab a blanket, listen to the radio or spend time in a peaceful getaway cottage. Kerry does love some adrenaline-led activities too, including taking trips with friends to theme parks. Sleep won’t come easy the night before, though, as she gets a little scared on rollercoasters.

    Favourite film: The Snowman / Snow Dog

    Favourite music: Faithless / Enigma

  • team_ket1

  • Ket Wong

    IT Technician

    One of the many technicians at LCS, Ket’s role largely falls into project planning, implementation and ad hoc. While liaising with clients, he will ensure all computers, servers and network installs are working correctly and efficiently. Ket is also on hand to solve technical issues for clients, often heading to on-site locations to rectify the problem.

    During his free time, Ket loves to play Basketball and is part of a local team named the Grimsby Gators. But the sport isn’t his only hobby, as he also enjoys gaming and keeping up to date with the latest gadgets and computers. Ket likes to differ from the standard trends though, as his inventive spin ball trick during Ten Pin Bowling is so slick that gutter balls aren’t even a part of his vocabulary.

    Favourite film: Inception

    Favourite music: Royal Blood / Jay Chou

  • team_martin1

  • Martin Ellis

    IT Systems Engineer

    Martin’s main role is currently tied to Centrica Energy, working at its state-of-the-art Renewables Operations and Maintenance base on Grimsby Docks, though he is a member of LCS technical team, too. Beginning his placement at Centrica Energy in 2010, Martin worked within the Thermal Power sector at Killingholme Power Station, maintaining the IS infrastructure alongside the IS support team, but relocated to Renewables in June 2014.

    His profound interest in music from a young age has led Martin to join various local talent, playing the drums for punk, heavy metal and alternative rock-based bands. In the past, his music was aired on Belgian radio, though his current band are now looking to record a new album within the next year. Martin studied Karate from 9 to 19 years of age, becoming a Black Belt at 13 and an instructor at 18. He has now started to study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and also likes to keep fit by running and cycling. Additionally, Martin loves to travel and take part in adrenaline-led activities, even skydiving to celebrate his 30th birthday.

    Favourite film: The Goonies

    Favourite music: No Use For A Name / Ignite / Beastmilk

  • team_ross1

  • Ross Aitken

    Service Desk Manager

    Having worked in IT for almost 20 years, Ross brings his wealth of knowledge to LCS as the service desk manager. Taking a supervisory role, he is responsible for client satisfaction, ensuring the service desk team meet various expectations and that all issues are completed in an efficient and professional manner. Ross enjoys tackling large challenges, often working on many new IT projects within the company.

    Outside of work, Ross finds catharsis when learning to play the guitar. He may not be a musical triumph just yet, as his favoured musician Noel Gallagher, but he can certainly play to the beat. Ross also enjoys watching football but if you catch him off guard, you may find him wiggling his ears one at a time just for fun.

    Favourite film: Forrest Gump

    Favourite music: Foo Fighters / Biffy Clyro / Oasis

  • Ryan Gambrill

  • Ryan Gambrill

    Creative Consultant

    With his technical prowess in web design, Ryan’s main line of work involves liaising with both new and existing clients to bring a modernised and fresh look to their websites. He flourishes in creative situations and finds working in web design incredibly rewarding, particularly when seeing the team’s end product.

    Ryan spends his time outside of work actively taking part in sports such as Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Running and Golf. He also enjoys taking up his cue and playing Pool and Snooker, though he’ll never divulge the secrets to an 8 ball clear-up. Ryan may not run as quickly as Sega’s blue blur Sonic, but strangely almost shared the hedgehog’s name at birth.

    Favourite film: Lion King

    Favourite music: Biffy Clyro / Frank Turner